Sergi Serra Mir

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Born in 1987.

Studied graphic design in Eina (Barcelona) interested in street art, illustration, music, art (specially [collage]) and love. He started painting Metro (subway) cards from Barcelona and some other cities around the world and selling them in stores, each card was different and unique, and also its performance and technical (transfers, pen, collage, watercolor, acrylic, ..). All his pictures and photographs have a link between them: an innocent look.

He has participated in Project O1 INK illustration done in Bilbao during May-July 2008 and the Fantasie Impromptu (art project of people and sparrows) project exposed in Kiev, Ukraina.

He is always working in the Boomerang project, in which the letters travel the world in search of people.


Internet Romance
Photozine / Webcam, February 2013
by Sergi Serra
  • Kukka (photo project) with Violeta Päivänkakkara
  • Persona (I'm a phantom, you are a phantom), collection of portraits of people, faces and masks.
  • PurPura Purity and Cosmos
  • Marioneta, fanzine about relationships
  • Paola Mélancolique Fait Tapisserie Melancolia. 70's zine.
  • Internet Romance, published by Bad Weather Press


  • "Projeccions 43" B-guided Barcelona
  • V-E-L-L-U-M, photographs for the platform
  • CICLOPE zine (homeopatic love), published by Casa Fibra
  • VICE Italy
  • Girls on film zine
  • Soft skin magazine
  • THE ONES WE LOVE (The Ones We Love is an intimate platform for upcoming photographers from around the world to portray the people they love, cherish, and find inspiration within)

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