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Seedhead was a DIY zine based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.

The zine was comprised of "Do-It-Yourself designs, stories, and info," including plans for a variety of basic machines and tools as well as articles celebrating the ingenuity of DIY technology.

Excerpts from Seedhead were featured in volumes 4 and 8 of Zine Yearbook.


  • N. "Technology under siege." A weldless bicycle trailer, early American tools, butter churns, steam train, Bicycles in War, stilts.
  • N + 1. Mexican hobos, knots, Mouchot solar cooker, hydroponic hanging plant holder, comfortable biking.
  • N + 2. "Ask yourself, can it be done with scraps?" Roadkill Thanksgiving, chainsaw mill, fat diesel, PVC pump, scrap forgery, dumpster diving.
  • N + 3. "Bee special." Top bar beehive, history of mead, bee smoker, honey press, bees in warfare.
  • N + 4. The Iron Pour, make a banjo, boombox amp, six dollar cider press, bucket panniers.
  • N + 5. Barefoot shoes, sleeping bag, dumpster soap, group camping handwash station, bicycle-treadle powered wood lathe, six-pack hammock.
  • N + 6. Solar powered cold frame tender.
  • N + 7. "Tools." Fajardo Towers (Puerto Rico), Carriacou, wire twister, homemade planes, blow gun, energy audit, pajaretes.
  • N + 8. Stories about whale oil, petroleum oil, Galileo, progress of scientific theory, navigation, and diesel engines.

Additional materials

Seedhead also offered detailed plans for:

  • Solar powered composting toilet
  • Solar fruit dehydrator
  • Alcohol fermentation and distillation

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