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Scott Treleaven is a filmmaker, artist, writer and zine editor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He first came to attention in 1996 with his initial foray into filmmaking, Queercore: A Punk-U-Mentary. Featuring live performances by Los Crudos and Pansy Division and interviews with those in the scene such as Larrybob, editor of Holy Titclamps, the film proved to be a decisive documentary offering film festival audiences an inside look at the queercore scene.

After the success of the film, he began working on a zine called This Is The Salivation Army, the first queer punk pagan zine. Early contributors included G.B. Jones, and REB (of Fanorama). The publication ran for eight issues, over three years, before Scott decided to end it. However, in 2002, he presented issue nine in film format, entitled The Salivation Army, which has been shown at film festivals around the world, as well as in galleries and museums. In 2004, he was encouraged to make 'Issue X'. Not strictly part of the This Is The Salivation Army run, Issue X was meant to bring together some of the artists that were influenced by, or related to, the spirit of the original zine since its official end in 1999. Contributors to this issue included AA Bronson, Genesis P-Orridge, Paul P., and Ango Visone. In 2006, on the tenth anniversary, a compendium of the zine was published in book format, titled The Salivation Army Black Book.

Scott Treleaven has also contributed to other zines, including K48, Straight To Hell and Fanorama. As well, his work was included in the exhibition The Zine Unbound: Kults, Werewolves and Sarcastic Hippies.

More recently, Treleaven has focused on his artwork, exhibiting in galleries in North America and Europe building on the collage-style first seen in the pages of This is The Salivation Army.

As well as making his own films, Scott Treleaven was interviewed about zines for the video Zined!, by Marc Moscato, released in 1997 and, in 2008, he appeared in the feature film The Lollipop Generation by G.B. Jones, alongside fellow zine editors Jena von Brücker, Vaginal Davis, Jen Smith, Joel Gibb and Anonymous Boy.


Contributions to Zines


  • Collage: Assembling Contemporary Art, Black Dog Publishing, 2008, ISBN 1906155399
  • Queer Zines, Printed Matter Inc., 2008, ISBN 978-0-89439-039-5
  • Some Boys Wander By Mistake, by Scott Treleaven, with texts by Dennis Cooper, Terence Hannum, and Jack Pierson, co-published by Kavi Gupta Gallery, John Connelly Presents & Marc Selwyn Fine Art, 2007, ISBN 978-1-4243-4215-0
  • Juicy Mother 2: How They Met, edited by Jennifer Camper, Manic D Press, 2007 ISBN 978-1-933149-20-2
  • The Salivation Army Black Book, by Scott Treleaven, Printed Matter Inc./Art Metropole, 2006, ISBN 0-89439-021-X
  • Generation Hex, edited by Jason Louv, The Disinformation Company, 2005
  • We Want Some Too: Underground Desire and the Reinvention of Mass Culture, edited by Hal Niedzviecki, Penguin Putman, 2000


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