Satan's Child

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Satan's Child
Issue 5 1958

Satan's Child was a science fiction fanzine by Dorothy Ratigan.

Published for 5 years in the last half of the 1950s in England, UK, Satan's Child was distributed by Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association.

The first issue was released in September 1955, and was 12 pages. Issue 2, published in June 1956 was also 12 pages. Issue 3, from December 1956, was 18 pages. Issue 4 arrived a year later in December 1957, and was 10 pages. In December 1958 Issue 5 appeared, with 14 pages. Issue 6 was published in June 1959 and was 10 pages. Issue 7 appeared in December 1959 and was 8 pages. Issue 8, the last issue, was published in June 1960 and was 10 pages.

Letters came from E.C. 'Ted' Tubb (EYE, Vector), among others.

In the September 1962 issue of Skyrack #45, Ron Bennett reports; "Son Paul, weight 6½lbs, born 19th August to Jimmy and Dorothy Ratigan."