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Sarah Rose is the editor of the now defunct review zine Zinetopia. She was also responsible for Crushpuppy a 24 hour hour zine. Tazewells Favorite Eccentric is her main project, something she has been writing sporadically since age 15.

Sarah has contributed to zines such as Excerpts from Perzines, The F-Bomb, and participated in the 2006 Zinester Podcasts.

After moving to Philadelphia in 2010, Sarah became heavily involved with the Philly zine scene, co-organizing the 2011 Philadelphia Zine Fest and buying zines for Wooden Shoe Books and Records.

In January of 2012, Sarah started "Once Upon A Distro"




201 W. Evergreen Ave #1012, Philadelphia, PA 19118

piratesarah (at) gmail (dot) com

Once Upon A Distro