San Francisco Zine Fest

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20th Annual San Francisco Zine Fest

The San Francisco Zine Fest (SFZF) is an annual zine event held in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2001, SFZF is a free, weekend-long event that focuses on zines but strives to represent "all walks of DIY life," including comics, arts and crafts, and literary presses, according to San Francisco Zine Fest on Facebook.


San Francisco Zine Fest seeks to advance the do-it-yourself ethos by fostering community throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In the annual weekend-long event, SFZF celebrates and supports independent writers, artists and creators, allowing them to share their work with an ever-growing audience in workshops, exhibitions, and public events.


Originally part of a larger exhibition called Alternative Press Expo (APE), the San Francisco Zine Fest was started in 2001 by Jenn Starfiend. In its early years, SFZF was held in various locations around San Francisco, including Cellspace and The Women's Building. In recent years, SFZF has taken place at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park.

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