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Sage Adderley is a distro, zinester author, and publisher living in Olympia, Washington U.S.A.

Active in the zine community, Sage is the owner of Sweet Candy Distro, the author of Tattooed Memoirs, Hard Knox, and Marked For Life, as well as editor of the compzine Eye Candy. She was briefly a cohost of ZINECORE RADIO, and now has her own radio show, Sweet Candy Radio.

Sage was born in northern New Jersey and moved to Ohio when she was a toddler. After her parents divorced, Sage's mom moved them to a small town in Georgia. Adderley lived there until she was in her early twenties. She gave birth to her first daughter in 2000 and soon after began her career as a professional tattoo artist.

In 2004, Sage started taking creative writing courses while pregnant with her second daughter. During this time, Sage found zines. Adderley wrote her first perzine, Tattooed Memoirs, and opened up the zine distro, Sweet Candy. Sage hosted several open mic events at a local coffee shop to meet fellow writers and table Sweet Candy Distro.

In 2007, Adderley and her family (exhusband and two daughters) moved from Georgia to Philadelphia, PA. This is where Sage began to blossom as a zine writer. She continued to run Sweet Candy Distro and opened up an alternative arts center (which included a zine library) in her spacious row home at 4th and Dickinson in South Philly. While living in Philly, Sage tabled the Philly Zine Fest and the NJ Zine Fest.

In June 2010, Sage moved her family cross country to start fresh in Olympia, Washington. It's here, she says, that she has found her forever home! After celebrating nine years running Sweet Candy, she expanded the distro into a small press, Sweet Candy Press. She has published the books Heavy Hangs the Head by Taryn Hipp. Everybody Else's Girl by Sarah Sawyers-Lovett, and The Greatest Most Traveling Circus! by Jonas. Adderley published her debut YA novel, Invoking Nonna in December 2013.


  • Tattooed Memoirs
  • Marked For Life


  • Eye Candy Zine

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