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Romulan Wine is a media science fiction fanzine be Cara Sherman Tereno.

Published in the U.S.A. in the 1970s, Romulan Wine is an anthology of fiction and articles dedicated to the television seriesStar Trek (the original series).

Dave Puckett, comic artist, writes, "Cara published a fanzine called Romulan Wine which was basically dedicated to Star Trek, of which she (and I as well) were big fans [...] She had asked me if I was interested in writing and penciling a strip, and she'd revise and ink it, and we wanted something in the Star Trek fashion. I wrote a story about Ancient Vulcan, the main character of which was a chieftain named Mort III. Cara loved it, but was afraid that Gene Roddenberry might not approve, so she wrote him several times, and eventually, he did indeed approve of the script and even gave his blessing, making it an authorized part of Vulcan History. She published it in two-parts in her fanzine, and, to my knowledge, it was the first time anything in comic strip format referring to Ancient Vulcan was ever published. The one precedent we set in the storyline? The sun on Vulcan rose from the West."

Romulan Wine, issue 1 includes the editorial "High Council" by Cara Sherman, and "The Fiendish Offendie Affair" (Part 1) by Cara Sherman

Romulan Wine 2 was published in 1971. it contains 91 pages and includesthe editorial "High Council" by Cara Sherman, "Johnny Banana Seed". "The Fiendish Offendie Affair" (Part 2) by Cara Sherman, "Star Retch" by P. O'Keefe, and the editorial "High Council Guest Editorial" by B. Westbrook.

Romulan Wine 3 was published in 1971 and contains 85 pages Included are the editorial "High Council" by Cara Sherman, the article "Quack" by Cara Sherman, "Crony the Barbarian" by D. McDonnell, "Sunn of Star Retch" by P. O'Keefe, "The Pusher" by B. Rupp. "Origin of Peter Sunn" by Cara Sherman, the review "Kraith" by Cara Sherman, and convention report "DTFF Convention" by Cara Sherman.

Romulan Wine 4 was published 1972 and contains 114 pages, which include the editorial "High Council" by Cara Sherman, the article "Quack by Cara Sherman, "Tanel of Darthang" by M. Coburn, "Romu lans: The Empire Papers" by K. Nickel. "Planet of the Frogs" by Cara Sherman, "Lt. West of the W.A.S.P." by J.P. Moore, "The Maltese Vulcan" (Part 1) by Cara Sherman, "Sakenn" by Cara Sherman, and the article "Feminism in Science Fiction" by Cara Sherman.

Romulan Wine 5 is explicit het and called The Porno Issue. It contains 100 pages and included the editorial "High Council" by Cara Sherman, the article "Quack" by Cara Sherman. "May You Always Have Interesting Dreams" by A. Falkowitz, "Star Sex" by A. Kasanoff, "Three Lay-Spock Vignettes" by Paula Smith, "The Maltese Vulcan" (Part 2) by Cara Sherman, "O.G.M.L., or Why Bomulans Don't Take Prisoners" by Cara Sherman, and "Species Jokes".