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Riot Meow! Presents... is a serial zine produced in the USA by Lauren Lowery. It presents, creates, compiles, publishes and shares content that is both remarkable and unremarkable in its excellence. It breathes life to things that formally only existed as a mix of zeros and ones on the internet or festered as fuzzy, dreamy ideas gnawing at the minds of overworked humans.

There are currently three volumes of Riot Meow! Presents...: Drivvy Drykins, Kiss the Bottle and Analog Catalog.

Drivvy Drykins

Riot Meow! Presents... Drivvy Drykins is a collection of short stories written by my dear friend David Dolphin and illustrated by the lovely Douglas Eberhardt way back in the year 2009. The stories are written from the perspective of Drivvy Drykins, an alien, in a dialect all his own, detailing his escape from jail.

Kiss the Bottle

Riot Meow! Presents... Kiss the Bottle is a perzine containing a number of emotionally charged, alcohol fueled writings about a variety of things, from boys to the loss of a physical home to the discovery of a more spiritual, ethereal one in a family of friends. Writings were created over a five year span between 2006 and 2011.

Analog Catalog

Riot Meow! Presents... Analog Catalog is a 50-page collection of illustrations of analog and outdated technology. Compiled, hand illustrated and produced during 2013, the Analog Catalog offers descriptions of each object in regards to its purpose and what technology has come to replace it and why.

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