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[[Image:IMG00061nnnn.JPG|frame|Rupa Nolan]]
'''Rupa nolan''' (born November, 1980) is a [[zinester]] and artist/writer from London, England. Since 2006, she has lived in South Korea.
She is the creator of [[Nightly zine|Nightly Zine]] and the founder of the independent publishing house, [[Glass Jar Project Publications]].
Rupa Nolan was born in November of 1980 in West London. She holds a diploma in art and design from ''Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design'' and a BA(hons) in Fashion.
In 2004/5 she lived in Vancouver, Canada where she worked as assistant to the dramaturge from the ''Arts Club Theater'' in Vancouver, Canada.
In 2005 she worked as Press Officer at ''The London International Gallery of Children's Art''.
Rupa Nolan is the creator and administrator of the online group ''The Arts, Crafts and Sweethearts Club''
She currently lives in South Korea, teaching English as a foreign language and working on art and literary projects.
===Independent Media===
* [[Glass Jar Publications]]
* [[Hobson's Choice]]
* [[Nightly zine|Nightly Zine]]
==External Links==
* [http://glassjarprojects.googlepages.com Glass Jar Projects]
* [http://showstudio.com/projects/canyouhelp2/submissions/ Show Studio]
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