Reclusive Obscenities

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Reclusive Obscenities is a mental health perzine written by Persephone Pomegranate where she works through her anxiety and self loathing during the lows and raves about feminism, animal rights/veganism, glbtqai issues, reading, creating zines and smoking weed during the highs.


Issue 3


June 2011

In this issue I feature my first attempts at blackout poetry, talk about my anxiety and depression leading to thoughts of suicide, I introduce the Speak the VIRUS podcast and discuss my affinity for the grrrlVIRUS. I also talk about personal interactions in the zine community and my issues with censoring myself. Also included are some I've been... lists and a few zine reviews. Quarter Size - 34 pages

Issue 2 - For the Love of Zines


December 2010

In this issue I discuss my love of zines. Why they’re important to me, why I create them, how they helped me find feminism, learn to cope with my anxiety better, and how they've even saved my life. It also contains a Dear Diary section covering a variety of topics as well as a few zine reviews to finish things off. Quarter Size - 30 pages

Issue 1 - Fetus Schmetus


April 2010

A zine documenting my personal experience having a medical/chemical abortion at Planned Parenthood. I feel that this is a topic that isn't talked about enough, so I wanted to share my personal experience and hopefully debunk some myths and make the whole process a bit less mysterious for others. Quarter Size - 30 pages


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