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Rataplan was a science fiction fanzine by Leigh Edmonds and Diane Bangsund.

Rataplan was published in Victoria, Australia. The first issue appeared in 1969. It was distributed in the U.S.A. through APA-45 and FAPA. Leigh Edmonds began the fanzine with Diane Bangsund; by 1979 for issue 19, his co-editor was Valma Brown.

Rataplan contained editorials, fiction, fanzine and book reviews, convention reports, and letters.

Contributors of writing included Justin Ackroyd, Christine Ashby, John Bangsund (Australian Science Fiction Review, Scythrop), Rory Barnes, Bernie Bernhouse, Damien Broderick, Ed Cagle, Elton Elliot, Leanne Frahm, Bob Gerrand, Bruce Gillespie (Dreams and False Alarms, SF Commentary), Ron Graham, Lee Harding (Perhaps, Etherline), Jack Herman (Sweetness and Light, WAHF-full), Lesleigh Luttrell (Quark, Starling), Marc Ortlieb (Tigger), Russell Parker, R.D. Symons and George Turner.

Letters came from Graham Charnock, among others.

Rataplan was nominated for a Ditmar Award for Best Fanzine in 1969 and 1973, and won the award in 1984 which was shared with another of Leigh Edmond's zines, Ornithopter. It was also nominated for a Hugo Award in 1985.

Leigh Edmonds and Valma Brown also co-published The Notional, and Fuck The Tories (with Judith Hanna, Joseph Nichols, and Terry Hughes).