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Issue 12 February 1958
Cover art by Ray Nelson

Rambler was a fanzine devoted to folk music published by Michael Moorcock.

Published in the UK from 1956 to 1958, Rambler began as Fantasy and Jazz Fan, then simply as Jazz Fan , and it was with issue 10 that the title became Rambler.

Five issues under the title of Rambler were released: issue 10 in January 1958, issues 11, 12 and 13 was released February 1958. Issue 14, the last, was published in March 1958.

Contributing artists included Jim Cawthorn, and Ray Nelson.

Contributing writers included Dave Aldridge, John Brunner (Noise Level), Bill Harry, Ray Nelson, and Sandy Sandfield.

Michael Moorcock also published the titles A Fanzine Called Eustace, Typo with Jim Linwood, and was one of the editors of Vector.