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Issue 6.5 August 1982
Cover art by Rob Hansen

Raffles was a science fiction fanzine by Stu Shiffman and Larry Carmody.

Raffles was published in New York City, NY, U.S.A. in the 1970s and 1980s. The first issue appeared in 1977.

Columns were contributed by Rob Hansen (Epsilon, Pulp, Chuch).

Contributors of writing included Eric Bentcliffe, Brian Burley, Hank Davis, Arnie Katz (FIAWOL), Jerry Kaufman (The Spanish Inquisition, Mainstream), Dave Newman, Stan Nuttall, John Owen, D. Potter, and Norman Shorrock (Space Diversions), among others.

Also included was Terry Carr's 1965 TAFF report, "Beyond the Mnemonic Statute of Limitations" in issue #8; and Stu Shiffman's 1981 TAFF report, "A Raffles Lad Abroad" in issue #6.

Art work was contributed by Jim Barker, Harry Bell (Grimwab), Ross Chamberlain, Alexis Gilliland, Rob Hansen, Dan Steffan (Boonfark), Steve Stiles, Arthur Thomson (The ATom Anthology), Reed Waller,and Taral Wayne (DNQ, Toronto the Ghood), among others.

In The Slan of Baker Street, Taral Wayne writes, "In its time, Raffles was one of the more fun fanzines on the scene. It was fun to read and fun to contribute to its unique blend of popular futurism and Victorian bric-a-brac. You might say that Stu was one of the pioneers of the steampunk esthetic, 30 years ahead of his time."

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