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Rad Company is a frequently updated lifestyle and culture webzine that was founded in Brooklyn, NY on Valentine's Day, 2005. Since it's inception, Rad Company has moved beyond it's geographical base and has sought out contributors all over the world.


It's founder and editor-in-chief is R.C. Kelley, born 12-16-1975. Kelley has stated that he started the site becasue he felt there were opinions and styles of writing that were not being heard from in other magazines or online cultures.

Although few ads have appeared on the site, Rad Company claims that they were not paid for but merely in support of companies they believed in. Although recieving no external revenue, Rad Co. has paid its contributors for articles.

Kelley claims that he stole all the software neccesary to build the site off of the internet. The marquee at the top of the site was carved into a piece of wood and the Death character is its logo. Although it's motto is from the Lord's Prayer - "On earth as it is in heaven" , RadCo are atheist.

Article Sections

  • There are eight sections that make up the main page, these are:
    1. News - interviews.
    2. Cuts - music reviews.
    3. Movies & Shit - video, film, and animation reviews.
    4. Ice - these articles seem to focus on ideas, themes, or items that Rad Co. appreciates.
    5. Boatman's Log - an expiremental cartoon/journal dedicated to the non-fiction stories of a fictional "Death" character.
    6. Body English - photos.
    7. Turd - these articles seem to focus on ideas, themes, or items that Rad Co. disagrees with.
    8. Grace McSorely - a cartoon written & drawn by Kaite Murphy.
  1. Controversies
  • some articles on the site have recieved attention due to their questionable content.
    1. Limozeenz - A purportedly fictionalized interview with a ring of theives that steal band equipment based on their opinions of music.
    2. Ayahuasca - An article in the "Boatman's Log" section describing the purchasing and preparation of Ayahuasca tea.
    3. Marijuana Delivery Services - the frequently covered topic of marijuana delivery services in Brooklyn.
    4. Craig's List - An article describing an online prank involving the exchange of sex for rent.
    5. Shoplifting - A guide on how to be successful at shoplifting.

External Links

Official Website