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Every Friday the 13th since 1998, D.Striker has published his zine, RR, which tackles Nashville's past and present while throwing up a salute revelry and crazy people. Past issues have given readers finger holes to fill to make Tammy Wynette's legs, the history of the Kenny Rogers phone sex scandal, and a first person account of a night out during "fan fair" wearing a T-shirt with iron-on-letters, "I'll take your photo for a beer." Given the freakish publication schedule, Jim Ridley of the Nashville Scene called the zine, "A beast as elusive as the centaur or free beer night." Quite often, D.Striker brings the new issue of RR to life on stage with his band, featuring members of Ole Mossy Face, Hands Down Eugene, The Carter Administration and Duraluxe. Country music historian, Robert K. Oermann once wrote of D.Striker's music, "He can't sing, but you can't help listening." On stage, the shows can get wild. An audience member's face was once bloody up during an overzealous attack on a Glen Campbell effigy. Such is Friday the 13th with RR and D.Striker.

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