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QRK5 is a perzine and art zine by Ed Tillman. Content for QRK5 is pulled from Ed's notebooks, sketchbooks, photo archives, paintings and prints. The first three issues were published under the title, A Long Way Down. That title was later abandoned as it is taken by a novel and a feature film. From the forth issue, the title was switched to QRK5, which is Morse Code shorthand for "we read you loud and clear."


QRK5 is a quarter page US (approx. A6 size) The zine is Xeroxed, folded and stapled on standard weight paper. Interior images are both color and black and white. The first printings sometimes have hand-printed covers.


  • QRK5, Issue 9 Printed: July 2021
  • QRK5, Issue 8 Printed: November 2020
  • QRK5, Issue 7 Printed: April 2020
  • QRK5, Issue 6 Printed: October 2019
  • QRK5, Issue 5 Printed: March 2019

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