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QT Issue Two

Q.T. was a zine by Kiwi, published in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The first issue appeared in 1991. Q.T. was "pour Femmes & Hommes", and its initials stood for both 'Queer Terrorist' (in English) and 'Queer Tappette' (in French). It is a cut and paste, photocopied zine of which five issues appeared until it ceased publication in 1994.

Issue one includes an interview with the band Gorse from New Zealand, whose members included John, editor of PMt zine; articles on the bands Vampire Lesbos, and Anus The Menace; "War is Menstruation Envy"; reprints of tabloid newspaper covers from the 1950s; an article on harrassment of Asian dykes and punk fags at Ottawa bar Takticks; and "Positively Perverted", about outraged reactions to Kiwi's article about Queercore in a local radio station newspaper.

Issue two includes articles about the underground queer world's civil war against gays and lesbians; Vampire Lesbians; "QT Targeted in Latest Effort to Demolish Homocore"; erotic fiction entitled, "The Continuing Adventures of Alex, the Faggot Who Thought She Was a Lesbian"; an interview with Susie Sexpert; "10 Reasons Why Jim Wade Should Have His Head Sliced Through With A Black and Decker Power-Saw"; the art of Attila Richard Kukacs; "John Travolta, legendary disco star and queer!!!"; an article on J.D.s' "Princes of the Homosexuals"; and articles on the film Paris Is Burning.

Issue three is a travel zine, recounting Kiwi's trips to Thailand, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris as well as an interview with travelling companion Christopher, and articles on Drag activism, S & M, graffitti in Montreal and Amsterdam, killer cops, and Fifth Column singer Caroline Azar.

Issue four includes the articles "Fag Hags Fight Back!!!"; a detourned expose of the queer side of Beverly Hills 90210; an interview with Diane DiMassa, creator of Hothead Paisan; "Drag Queens Rule!!! Clone Fags Suck"; 100 shoplifing drag queens terrorize Florida; "Punkasfuck", about how homophobic het punks are; Bisexual Pride; and "Trying to get in on the death machine", an open letter to lesbian and gays who want into the military.

Zines reviewed in the pages of 'Q.T. include Bimbox, Brat Attack, Bundle Of Sticks, Chainsaw, Dry Pocket To Piss In, Fucktooth, Gender Trash, High School Fag, HotHead Paisan, J.D.s, and Zugang.