Prohibited Matter

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Prohibited Matter
Issue 8 1997
Cover art by Antoinette Rydyr

Prohibited Matter was a fanzine published by Rod Marsden.

Released in New South Wales, Australia, the subtitle of the fanzine was "Crime, Horror, Science Fiction" and these were the areas of interest. It emerged in the 1990s.

Contributors of articles included Don Boyd, Rod Marsden, Keith Rex, and P. J. Roberts, among others.

Contributors of fiction included Don Boyd, Steve Carter, Robert James Conlon, Barbara Custer, Denise Dumars, G. Ivanoff, Geoff Jackson, D.F. Lewis (Nemonymous), Rod Marsden, Lynn McConchie, Todd Mechklem, R. G. Riel, Keith Rex, Antoinette Rydyr, Pauline Scarf, Bo Widerberg, and Boris Zelensky, among others.

Contributors of artwork included Steve Carter, Antoinette Rydyr, and Amanda Steele, among others.

In his regular column, "The State of the Nightmare", Leigh Blackmore contributed reviews.