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Pixel is a monthly PDF zine edited by David Burton and available for free on eFanzines.com.

Pixel was originally titled Catchpenny Gazette, and the first issue was distributed through FAPA in January, 2004. Fifteen issues of Catchpenny Gazette, or CPG as it became known, were published through March 2006. The name was then changed to Pixel to reflect a change in appearance (no longer 'pretending' to be a print zine using an 8 1/2 x 11 portrait format, now published in 8 1/2 x 11 horizontal format for easier reading on-screen; and a change in overall look from a pastiche of art nouveau/art deco to a more modern appearance), although for the most part the contributors and material remained the same.

Pixel appears towards the end of each month, and typically featured a regular group of columns:

Also featured were reprints of articles from past fanzines by writers such as Jim Lavell, from Embelyon, and Dave Locke, from Yandro.

Artists typically appearing in an issue include Brad Foster, Kyle Hinton, David Lewton, Jen Woll, and Manfred Klein. Also a fairly healthy lettercolumn each issue.

Issues usually run 25-30 pages. In 2005 CPG was voted third best zine in the FAAn Award for Best Fanzine voting that year. In 2006, Pixel placed second for the same award.

The last issue published was issue 16. The editorship was then transferred to Dave Locke, who renamed it Time and Again, the most recent issue appearing April 2011.

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Pixel on eFanzines.com