Phases of the Moon

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phases of the moon is a personal-is-political zine by stacey marie skeleton key. On the artistic/emotional side, this zine focusses on the certainty of impermanence and the cycles & recurring metaphors in her life. The underlying goal of the writing is to (contradictorily) record the sneaking feeling that nothing ever stays the same. More concrete ideas are applied to political issues in an attempt to seamlessly relate individual stories to the bigger picture of the world.

Issue #1: RESISTANCE IS FERTILE was co-written with her partner Zanarchy & was a chronicle of the year they gave birth to a baby girl and subsequently gave her up for adoption. Aside from describing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and adoption, many other topics are tied into the account, including: feminist theory, the medical (mis)management of birth, the politics of reproduction, overcoming poverty, the history of adoption, radical parenting, birth control, making reproductive choices available to women, and most importantly creating communities that will foster the growth and change necessary to overcome our oppressive patriarchal culture-system.

More information can be found at ms. skeleton key's personal website, selenographie.