Peter S. Conrad

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Peter S. Conrad is a comic artist and zine publisher based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has published the zine Paperdummy, a small-format selection of his mostly autobiographical web comic of the same name, since 2008, and has been publishing Attempted Not Known since the mid-1990s. Several issues of ANK have been in non-traditional formats, resembling a cigarette pack, a Rubik's cube, and a cassette tape. He has also created gumball and lottery ticket comics, as well as the web comics Stymied, Lou's Garage, Paperdummy, and Vidrio Cafe.

Conrad's comics have appeared in numerous zines, newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. They have also been exhibited in several museums across the United States, as well as on movie theater screens and coffee shops in the San Francisco Bay area.


  • Paperdummy
  • Attempted Not Known


  • Aftershock, a comics anthology to benefit Japan
  • Artfly #2, Tales from the Big House
  • The Funny Times
  • I Keee You!!
  • Not My Small Diary
  • Too Much Coffee Man

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