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Pen Fight is a zine distro and press based in Manchester, UK

It is run by zinester Vicky Stevenson, since 2015.

Along with zines, they sell radical books, badges, and other DIY and small-run art and craft.

They stock work on feminist and women’s rights, disability and mental health, food, veganism, gardening, politics, race, class, art, friendship, music, and fanzines.

Contact Information

Pen Fight PO Box 610 Manchester M12 0EN, United Kingdom

Events Tabled

Pen Fight has tabled at North West Zine Fest, Glasgow Zine Fest, Lincoln Zine Fest, Weirdo Zine Fest, Sheffield Zine Fest, DIY Cultures, Bradford Zine Fest Manchester and Salford Anarchist Bookfair, Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair, among others.

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