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PSYCHO is a once-a-week two-page zine run by a couple of highschool students. The zine is based in Nowhere, Michigan, which is somewhere between Capac, Emmett, and Yale.

Current Staff

Julia "Give 'Em Hell, Kid" Fitzgerald; editor-in-chief, publisher, graphics, type.

Angela "Floofy Doom" Telmos; co-editor.

Azzy "The Az-Man" Giacalone (pronounced "Ozzy" and "Oz Man"); staff writer, comics.

Past Staff

Ash "Pro Otaku" Early; staff writer, iss. 1-7.

Sarah "Insane Emo Poet", "Harlequin Monkeys!" Kenny; staff writer, iss. 8-38.

Zack "Stake My Heart" Ruddock; co-editor, iss. 39-49.

Angela was formerly an independent contributor then a staff writer ("FluffyMuffinMaiden") for iss. 39-49.


PSYCHO was started on December 20 '05 by Julia Fitzgerald, and Ash Early was quickly sucked into the process. It was all because a small plane had landed near Detroit on I-75 and nobody knew about it. Slap together a logo, some friends to read it, and a cover story and there you go; PSYCHO v 1.

There was a major argument between Julia and Ash and they split, leaving Julia to continue with a new writer. Previous contributor Sarah Kenny joined and PSYCHO ran along happily; banging out 19 issues before the end of the school year.

Year two picked up nicely with a major jump in subscribers, but another falling-out between the staff occured at issue 37. Sarah wrote one last column and resigned. Zack Ruddock (Zacky) enlisted by way of audition for issue 39.

Zack dropped off PSYCHO at the end of year two at issue 49. Angela, the staff writer, was tossed into the co-editor seat and Azzy was hired, being a longtime friend of Angela and an acquaintance (through a cousin) of Julia.

Year three began with v 50 and a new look, new logo, new people. Since, PSYCHO has been featured in the Metro Times, based in Detroit, and has re-expanded; a vast majority of its subscribers having graduated at the end of year two.

PSYCHO has gotten past that awkward stage of chewing the drapes when left unattended. It has its enemies and eats them, too.


With the advent of the first-ever PSYCHO Anti-Spirit Week in year two (featuring Anti-fun and Anti-revelry), PSYCHO was nearly shut down. People were "offended".

Controversy continues to simmer ominously and it always has.

PSYCHO was once kicked off school grounds under threat of arrest for passing out handbills at orientation day.

Distribution and how to contact

PSYCHO can be contacted via email at or on their myspace page. Contact for address for subscription payment; subscriptions are $13 for a year. (averaging 20-30 issues)