Oppress This

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Oppress This is a zine that was written and published by Erin Nicole Schleckman. It began as an outlet for her thoughts and ideas as a nineteen year old girl in Cleveland, Ohio, and consisted of travel stories, photos, dreams, theories, and life experiences. Erin, who would later go by her middle name, Nicole, wrote fifteen issues of Oppress This over the course of ten or so years. She also wrote a mini zine called Dear Boy... which was a series of letters never sent to various people in her life, which received so much positive response, that she was asked to edit a compilaton zine called Dear Boy...Dear Girl, which was a collection of letters by zinesters and readers around the world. The success of that issue led to a second compilaton, Dear Boy...Dear Girl #2, which Marissa Falco of Red Hooded Sweatshirt Zine drew the cover for.