Not Your Bitch

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Not Your Bitch was created in the summer of 1989 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. by Annalyssa Murphy aka Gypsy and Jullie Roberts aka Chaos-Pony.

The two editor quickly took to travelling and published issues out of Missouri and Rhode Island over the next year. By late 1990 Gypsy was back in Minnesota and she was the last original member and kept the zine going until 1992 joining with several other local women and accepting increasing submissions from all over the world. Following an egalitarian feminist model, each contributor had a pen name placed over a censored block on the zine cover and all were billed equally, if you submit a single little drawing or do half the content and all the distribution as Gypsy did. Inside, no art was signed and no by lines added. The zine attempted to synthesize the voices of all women and crossed lines of race and nation.

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