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Cover of Issue 22

Nosebleed was a zine from Dublin, Ireland.

Nosebleed was put together by Boz. It was started in 1990 and ran until 2002, combining the influences of punk zines and underground comics with the editor's own unique style of illustrations. It featured zine and record reviews, articles and interviews. The more recent editions have been of the A4 size with a colour cover.

A new issue has not appeared since the 22nd issue of the zine was released. Although editor Boz has not published Nosebleed since 2002 he has produced other D.I.Y. publications such as Human Stew and Strength Thru Zerox, both collections of his unique artwork. Nosebleed shares the honour of being the longest running Irish zine with another classic Irish zine from the 80's/90's, Smegma, which also ran for twelve years. According to its own account of its history, Nosebleed “carved a path for itself which ridiculously outlived it's contemporaries.”

Over the years, the roster of interviewed bands has included The Cramps, Alice Donut, Therapy, Sonic Youth, Snuff, Nomeansno, Striknien DC, The Specials, Millions Of Dead Cops, Cuinas, Quicksand, Paranoid Visions, The Steam Pig, Chumbawamba, Tension and many others. Perhaps some lucky day soon Nosebleed will be published in a collected publication!

Boz has also contributed to Unfit for Consumption.

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