Mr. Ken's Clean-Air System

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Mr. Ken's Clean-Air System was a zine published by Shannon Williams of Frederick, MD from Summer 2003 - Winter 2005. There were four issues in total and of these only the fourth one was available to any degree. Issue #4 was a split zine with Hannah of Suburban Sanity zine.

As a personal goal to achieve while writing Mr. Ken's Clean-Air System, Shannon always sought (though she never stated openly within the zine itself) to challenge perspectives on any position on the spectrum, all completed while remaining smarmy, bittersweet, amused and vaguely bickering in tone.

To quote issue #4:

"You know, if anything at all is universal, it's trying to confuse the fuck out of someone that always wins the grand prize for accuracy."

Shannon ceased publication due to the trials and tribulations associated with life and higher education.