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More than Default-Male, July 2021

More than Default-Male is a one-off perzine/comprehensive zine written by Hadass S. Ben-Ari, published during International Zine Month, July 2021, in Jerusalem, Israel.

This zine is an introduction to Multi-Gender Hebrew. It discusses the new characters and letters that were created to make the Hebrew language a more inclusive and gender-neutral language. The issue includes an interview with the creator of Multi-Gender Hebrew, a discussion regarding how Hebrew works and why such letters are necessary, and how the language people use can affect society on the long run. The author also talks about her daughter and how she attempts to teach her about gender identity, binary vs. non-binary. The issue also includes a poem about Multi-Gender Hebrew and a comics of the mascot Twigz.

The zine is written in English. Most Hebrew words are translated and transliterated for non-Hebrew-speakers.

The layout incorporates computer with DIY cut-and-paste style. Length is 72 pages in quarter-page size.


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