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Mongrel Zine is a print fanzine that features garage bands and underground artists. Each issue contains interviews, record reviews, drawings, and a CD compilation. It’s edited, designed, photocopied, folded, and stapled by Janelle Hollyrock and artist Bob Scott out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Beginning with Mongrel Zine #4, the zine is printed in a flipzine format with two different covers on each side with content meeting in the center, and includes a burned CD compilation of bands featured in the zine with many previously unreleased tracks.

CD compilations were included beginning with Mongrel Zine #4. The CD volume numbers started at #1, which meant the zine issue number and its accompany CD number were different (ie. Mongrel Zine #4 + Vol. 1 CD, Mongrel Zine #5 + Vol. 2 CD, etc). Beginning with Mongrel Zine #9 the zine and the CD comp started being numbered the same for consistency (ie. Mongrel Zine #9 + Vol. 9 CD, Mongrel Zine #10 + Vol. 10 CD). There are no Vols 6-8 CDs.

Select interviews and all music and lit reviews are posted online at the Mongrel Zine website.


Mongrel Zine #1 (2008) Interviews with artist Bob Scott, Seattle garage rockers The Paper Dolls, Vancouver blues band The Pack A.D., and Robin Bougie of Cinema Sewer. 30 pages. 8.5″ x 11″. Colour cover.

Mongrel Zine #2 (2008) Interviews with artist I,Braineater, the last interview with Montreal’s CPC Gangbangs, Vancouver garage rockers The Trap Doors, The Green Hour Band, Andy Meyers from the ‘77 Toronto punk band The Scenics, Dead Ghosts, Dandelion Records, plus drawings by Skip Jensen and Don Chambers. 30 pages. 8.5″ x 11″. Colour cover.

Mongrel Zine #3 (2008) Interviews with cartoonist Rick Trembles, one man band and half of King Khan & BBQ Show Mark Sultan/BBQ, mod Vancouver band The Tranzmitors, classic powerpop band The Pointed Sticks, rockabilly OMB Bloodshot Bill, artist Oily Chi, plus The Stolen Minks, and Defektors. 40 pages. 8.5″ x 11″. Colour cover.

Mongrel Zine #4 + Mongrel Zine Vol. 1 CD Comp (2008) Interviews with punk photographer Bev Davies, pop artist Holly Ruth Anderson, Montreal garage bands Thee B-Sides and The Gruesomes, Vancouver garage bands Thee Manipulators and The Vicious Cycles (MC), Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, The Angry Dragons, Little Red Sounds Studio in Vancouver. Plus Mongrel Zine Vol. 1 CD Comp, a 22-SONG CD Comp. 80 pages. 6″ x 7.5". First 500 copies with colour covers. Additional copies with black and white covers.

Mongrel Zine #5 + Mongrel Zine Vol. 2 CD Comp (2009) Interviews inside with King Khan of King Khan & BBQ Show and King Khan & The Shrines, Seattle punkers The Spits, Pierced Arrows (ex-Dead Moon), the directors of Unknown Passage : The Dead Moon Story, Montreal's Skip Jensen, blistering Mexican punks Ratas del Vaticano, Chuck Violence, Vancouver's B-Lines, artists Rupert Bottenberg and CM Ruiz, The Speaking Tongues, The Girls of Beehive, Ayden Gallery, plus an article on Stef Petticoat and a tribute to the late Cramps frontman Lux Interior. Also: Gary Pig Gold, Kirsten Easthope, Rot N Hell, Fingers, and an exclusive introduction by Bobby Beaton. Plus Mongrel Zine Vol. 2 CD Comp, a 24-SONG CD Comp. 120 pages. 6″ x 7.5". Black and white covers.

Mongrel Zine #6 + Mongrel Zine Vol. 3 CD Comp (2009) Mongréal Zine #6 + Vol. 3 CD Comp is the Montréal issue. Interviews with Montreal bands Demon’s Claws, Red Mass, The Sunday Sinners, Bloodshot Bill, Teenage Hookers, and artist Mathieu ‘Trude’ Trudel. Plus garage band The Black Lips, Vancouver bands Dead Ghosts, Manic Attracts, and Petroleum By-Product, music aficionado Nardwuar the Human Serviette, Gerard Van Herk (Deja Voodoo), Simply Saucer and a tribute to the late Sky Saxon and a feature on Mike Sniper (Blank Dogs). Plus Mongrel Zine Vol. 3 CD Comp, a 25-SONG CD Comp. 116 pages. 6″ x 7.5". Black and white covers.

Mongrel Zine #7 + Mongrel Zine Vol. 4 CD Comp (2009) Halloween issue featuring interviews with Haunted George of the Garagepunk podcast Haunted Shack Theatre, New Orleans occasional one man band King Louie, Vancouver garage band Indian Wars, Mexico City's Inservibles, a rare interview with the late Billy Van from The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, vintage Halloween collector Mark Ledenbach, plus Box Elders, The TVees, Hard Feelings, HYPSTRZ, The Orpheans, Corpusse, and Telekrimen. 6″ x 7.5". Black and white cover. Plus Mongrel Zine Vol. 4 CD Comp, a 28-SONG CD Comp. 104 pages. 6″ x 7.5". Black and white covers.

Mongrel Zine #8 + Mongrel Zine Vol. 5 CD Comp (2010) Interviews with Mark Sultan, Jacuzzi Boys, Subhumans (Canada), Tandoori Knights (King Khan & Bloodshot Bill), The Midwest Beat, Wendy Norton (of bands Plexi 3 and The Flips, and zines Real Rocknroll, What We Do Is Secret, Search & Annoy), Student Teacher, Those Darlins, White Wires, artist Johnny Sampson, James T. Kirks, Sonic Avenues, drawings by Andrea Baeza, a Meiko Kaji Retrospect, and Open Your Mouth and Say... Mr. Chi Pig and Bloodied but Unbowed punk documentaries. Plus Mongrel Zine Vol. 5, a 24 song CD Comp. 96 pages. 6″ x 7.5". Black and white covers.

Mongrel Zine #9 + Mongrel Zine Vol. 9 CD Comp (2010) Interviews with Hell Shovel, Gigi French/Giselle Numba One, Persian Claws, Ben Lyon, Blue Sunshine Film Centre, Ty Segall, Johannah Jorgensen, The Granny Smiths, Pat Meteor, Topless Mongos, Nu Sensae, Kirk Special. Stories by Jeff Clarke. Plus Mongrel Zine Vol. 9, a 26 song CD Comp. 106 pages. 6″ x 7.5". Black and white covers.

Mongrel Zine #10 + Mongrel Zine Vol. 10 CD Comp (2011) Interviews with Mr. Quintron, Primitive Hands, The Shrapnelles, Cherie French, The Jolts, Strange Attractor, Colin Upton, Shortpants Romance, The Reekers/Hangmen, The Spreads, Johnny LZR, The Zellots. Columns by Dan Pedro Dorito and Gary Pig Gold and a SXSW journal. Plus Mongrel Zine Vol. 10, a 25 song CD Comp. 102 pages. 6″ x 7.5". Black and white covers.

Best of Mongrel Zine #1-3 + CD Comp (2011) Reprinted interviews with Mark Sultan (MZ#3), the last CPC Gangbangs interview (MZ#2), Bloodshot Bill (MZ#3), Rick Trembles (MZ#3), Cinema Sewer’s Robin Bougie (MZ#1), The Tranzmitors (MZ#3), and the Pack A.D. (MZ#1). New interview with King Khan, a new Storytime with Jeff Clarke, and a new CD Comp. 58 pages. 6″ x 7.5". Black and white cover.

CD Compilations

Mongrel Zine Vol. 1 CD Comp (included with Mongrel Zine #4) 1. What To Do - DEAD GHOSTS from S/T CDR (Milk N Herpes) 2008 2. The Devil's Potion - THE TRAP DOORS (unreleased) 2008 * 3. Ooga Booga Man - THEE MANIPULATORS (unreleased) 2008 * 4. Try The Punch - RAISED BY WOLVES from HOT BLOOD (Stomp and Howl) 2005 5. 0 - THEE B-SIDES (unreleased) 2008 * 6. As Much As I Do - SKIP JENSEN W/ SEB NORMAL from S/T CD 2006 7. No Good Man Blues - SKIP JENSEN W/ SEB NORMAL from S/T CD 2006 8. Lickin The Bowl - BLOODSHOT BILL from FULL BLAST (SIN) 2008 9. (We Come From) Under The Dirt - !THE LIZARD PEOPLE! from "THEY LIVE" LIVE IN JAPAN! LARGE 2007 10. IMINLOV - THEE B-SIDES (unreleased) 2008 * 11. Be Alright - THEE MANIPULATORS (unreleased) 2008 * 12. Hang Around - THE TRAP DOORS (unreleased) 2008 * 13. Skinny Little Arms Made Out of Paper - THE PARALLELS from S/T 45 (La-Ti-Da) 2008 14. Twist My Arm - THE TVEES (unreleased) 2008 * 15. A Thought To A Friend - THEE B-SIDES (unreleased) 2008 * 16. That Ain't Rock N Roll - TIMECOPZ (unreleased) 2008 * 17. Tartan Army - PETROLEUM BY PRODUCTS (unreleased) 2008 * 18. North End Strangler - THE STOLEN MINKS from HIGH KICKS (New Romance for Kids) 2008 19. Jailbound - TIMECOPZ (unreleased) 2008 * 20. O Boy - THE SCENICS from THE LAST POGO DVD (Dream Tower Records) 1978 21. One Way Ticket - CHOYCE AND THE SHARKS from KYB 010 (KYB Records) 2008 22. L.A. Sleaze - CPC GANGBANGS FEAT. A-C (unreleased) 2008 * *Previously unreleased

Mongrel Zine Vol. 2 CD Comp (included with Mongrel Zine #5) “I Hate Being In Love” by Amy and the Angels from Making Waves LP (Girlfriend Records) 1981. Stef Petticoat article in MZ5 “Army Life” by The Spits from Demos, Filler, and More. The Spits interview in MZ5. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED “Esquema Social” by Ratas del Vaticano from Matado por la Muerte (españa) 2008. Ratas interview in MZ5 “Acostúmbrate” by Ratas del Vaticano from Matado por la Muerte (españa) 2008 “She Likes It” by Dead Ghosts from Dead Ghosts/The Smith Westerns split 7” (Bachelor Records BR-24) 2009. Dead Ghosts interview in MZ2 “Shut It” by Manic Attracts from Shut It/Teenage Teenage 7” (Yakisakana Sazae-035) 2009 “My Brother” by Thee B-Sides (unreleased) 2009. Thee B-Sides interview in MZ4. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED “You're the Man” by Thee B-Sides (unreleased) 2009. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED “Get Outta My Hair” by The Gruesomes from Tyrants of Teen Trash (Ricochet Sound) 2008 reissue. The Gruesomes interview in MZ4 “Whirlpool” by The Gruesomes from Gruesomania (Ricochet Sound) 2008 reissue “Who's Gonna Tell Mary?” by Tranzmitors from Busy Singles (Deranged) 2009. Tranzmitors interview in MZ3 “No Good For Me” by White Wires from Girly Girly Girly LP (GOING GAGA RECORDS) 2008 “Back by 9” by The Trap Doors” from Don't Talk Shit Demo CDR 2009. The Trap Doors interview in MZ2. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED “Old Marble” by The Trap Doors” from Don't Talk Shit Demo CDR 2009. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED “La Pomata” by Chuck Violence (unreleased) 2009. Chuck Violence interview in MZ5. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED “Ain’t Got Money” by Petroleum By-Products (unreleased) 2008. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED “Busy Man” by B-LINES (unreleased) 2007. B-LINES interview in MZ5. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED “Chemtrails” by The Spits from Demos, Filler, and More. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED “Cannot Calm Down” by Sedatives from Cannot Calm Down 7" (GOING GAGA RECORDS) 2009 “Girlfriend” by The Angry Dragons (unreleased) 2008. Angry Dragons article in MZ4. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED “Black Alibi” by The Aversions from Black Alibi 7" (Die in Style Records) 2006 “Can You Rock With Me?” by Choyce and the Sharks from s/t CDR (K.Y.B. Records KYB-010) 2008. CPC Gangbangs interview in MZ2 “Go Home” by Fried Clams (unreleased) 2008. PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED “Darbi and Tarlton” by Skip Jensen w/ Seb Normal from s/t CD 2006. Skip Jensen interview in MZ5

Mongrel Zine Vol. 3 CD Comp (included with Mongrel Zine #6) Success for Crime – RED MASS Lover Please – THE SUNDAY SINNERS She’s a Big Girl (Live) – THE BROKEN JUGS & FATAL FLAWS Any Lou (Live) – DEMON’S CLAWS Fiery Tears (Acoustic) – PAT METEOR & KING KHAN Paradise – BLOODSHOT BILL The Ghost of Rudyard Kipling (Alt. Track) – HONEY & LIES Silk – RED MASS No Love - RED MASS Mad is the Man – THE GOODNIGHT LOVING Minor League Fame – THEE MANIPULATORS Worm Pickers Stereo – THE TRAP DOORS Bikini – THE TRAP DOORS Bad Vibes – DEAD GHOSTS Things She Does to Me – THE GRUESOMES You Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out – THE EVAPORATORS Waste of Time – MANIC ATTRACTS Pilar – RATAS DEL VATICANO Skater – RED MASS Weird Ways (Live) – DEMON’S CLAWS Illegal Bodies – SIMPLY SAUCER Slip Away – SEDATIVES TV Date – PETROLEUM BY-PRODUCT Summer’s Over – HELL SHOVEL

Mongrel Zine Vol. 4 CD Comp (included with Mongrel Zine #7) In the Graveyard – BLOODSHOT BILL Luces en el Mar Muerto – TELEKRIMEN Satan’s Bloody Sabbath – SNUFF MAXIMUS Already Gone – HELL SHOVEL Ifugao – DEJA VOODOO Pick You Up – INDIAN WARS Haunted Pants – FATAL FLAWS You’re Evil – THE CRYPTICS T’es Pas D’ici – LE KID & LES MARINELLIS Just Can’t Stay – STUDENT TEACHER Paper Girl – BROKEN JUGS & FATAL FLAWS New Moon Part 4 – RICHARD CATWRANGLEUR Peanuts – LAST RAPES OF MR. TEACH Nada Chido – INSERVIBLES Shit City – TIMECOPZ Well Boy – THE FELINES Northern Lights – MOVIE STAR JUNKIES Backlash – SEDATIVES P.O. Box 9847 – PLEXI 3 No Busco Problemas con la Autoridad – RATAS DEL VATICANO Wall of Paisley – DEJA VOODOO Glossy Pages – SHORTPANTS ROMANCE I Can Wait – THE TVEES Steppin’ Stone – HYPSTRZ Douche Chills – HARD FEELINGS Silverado Sixpack – BRICKWAR Amphetamine Train – PINCHE GRINGO Shall I Leave You – BROKEN JUGS

Mongrel Zine Vol. 5 CD Comp (included with Mongrel Zine #8) Nobody But You (Alternate take) – MARK SULTAN Suicide (Acoustic) – RED MASS Cave Man Cave Girl – PRIMITIVE HANDS Alone Now – THE MIDWEST BEAT I Just Don’t Know Where I Stand – THE FLIPS Boozetown – SPIDER Tourist Dollars – MIND CONTROLS Pogo ‘til I Puke Tonight – WHITE WIRES Komi Caricoles – JACUZZI BOYS First Love – RED MASS Chateau de Sable – MANYMENTAL MISTAKES The Duality Trap – MASTS Red Light Love – THOSE DARLINS Rails To Your Grave – PAT METEOR Faulty Stance – STUDENT TEACHER Stealing Candy – HELL SHOVEL We’re A Druggie Family – STRANGE ATTRACTOR Everybody Knows – PLEXI 3 Slap in the Face (Demo) – SUBHUMANS (CA) Theme Song From The Kandy Tuffs – JAMES T. KIRKS Hiding From You – SONIC AVENUES Sister Mary Katherine – THE MIDWEST BEAT If You Want Me – INDIAN WARS Go Fuck My Brain - STRANGE ATTRACTOR Why You Laugh At Me – BROKEN JUGS (“hidden” track)

Mongrel Zine Vol. 9 CD Comp (included with Mongrel Zine #9) RISE AND FALL OF DARTH MAUL - HELL SHOVEL (unreleased 2010) NOW WHO'S THE STAR - GISELLE NUMBA ONE (s/t CD 2008) LASER BEAMS - DEMON'S CLAWS (The Defrosting Of... LP/In The Red 2010) I'M GONNA TRY - SHIMMERING STARS (East Van Girls 7"/Almost Musique 2010) CAN'T GO BACK - RICHARD CATWRANGLEUR (House of the Spirit Wrestler! CASS 2010) DRINK MY BLOOD - RED MASS (unreleased 2010) FIRST TIME'S A BITCH - RED MASS (unreleased 2010) EIGHTIES OUTFIT - CHERIE FRENCH (unreleased 2010) COEUR EN FEU - GIGI FRENCH (Cannelle CD 2010) ELEPHANT - RICHARD CATWRANGLEUR (House of the Spirit Wrestler! CASS 2010) LEFT BEHIND - BROKEN JUGS (unreleased 2010) YOU'RE GONNA LEAVE - PERSIAN CLAWS (demo CD 2010) ONE DAY - BIKES (unreleased 2010) TOOK A TRIP (LIVE) - INDIAN WARS (taped live at Rock and Roll Pizza Party Jan 20, 2010 w/ Myelin Sheaths) BOHEMIAN GROVE - TOPLESS MONGOS (s/t CASS 2010) CRASH TEST - THE SPREADS (unreleased 2010) THE TOPOGRAPHY OF STRAIGHTLAND - MASTS (unreleased 2010) IT'S OVER - DEMON'S CLAWS (Our Boy Roy LP/Telephone Explosion 2010) ZOOLA ZOOKY - BLOODSHOT BILL (unreleased 2010) YOU - BABES ON THE BEACH (s/t CASS 2010) CAT'S CRADLE - NÜ SENSAE (TV, Death and the Devil LP/Nominal 2010) THRU WITH YOU - YUNG MUMS (unreleased 2010) CAKE ON MY PANTS, BABY - GARY PIG GOLD (unreleased 1980) BOOM BOOM - THE GRANNY SMITHS (unreleased 2010) SUMMER'S OVER - HELL SHOVEL (unreleased 2010) NO BUTTAH - HEAVY J (unreleased 2010)

Mongrel Zine Vol. 10 CD Comp (included with Mongrel Zine #10) Ring the Alarm – QUINTRON (Sucre du Sauvage LP, 2011) Sin Título – DAVE RATA (Hallucigenia Vol. 1 D-LP, 2010) Juli Don’t Use That Pillow – STRANGE ATTRACTOR (unreleased, 2011) Grindin’ – THE REEKERS (Grindin/Don’t Call Me Flyface 45, 1963) Eureka – JACK OF HEART (Eureka/Primitiv 7”, 2010) Roundabout Girl – JUST JEFFREY (Coffee Tea and Me D-LP, 2011) 280 – LZR/LZR (unreleased, 2011) Battants les Nuages – CHERIE FRENCH (unreleased, 2011) Frogs of Gargia – HELL SHOVEL (unreleased, 2011) Primitiv – JACK OF HEART (Eureka/Primitiv 7”, 2010) Misery Man – THEE B-SIDES (unreleased, 2009) ??? – PRIMITIVE HANDS (unreleased, 2011) Indians – SKIP JENSEN (Spirit of the Ghost LP, 2011) Titty Titty Bang – THE SPREADS (unreleased, 2010) Top Slut (demo) – TIMECOPZ (unreleased, 2009) Dead South – YUNG MUMS (unreleased, 2011) I Want You Back – BABES ON THE BEACH (s/t CASS, 2010) Breadwinner Takes All – NEEDLES//PINS (unreleased, 2011) Experimental Memory – LZR (unreleased, 2010) Loudness – THE JOLTS (8 Percent LP, 2011) My Mom Is Hot (demo) – THE SHRAPNELLES (Asscalibur 7”, 2011) Low End – SHORTPANTS ROMANCE (Shotgun Divorce LP, 2011) No Shoes – THE HIGH THUNDERERS (Earth Shaker CD, 2011) OML – Strange Attractor (unreleased, 2011) Coolest Little Monster (Zacherley) – INDIAN WARS (unreleased, 2009)

Best of Mongrel Zine 1-3 CD Comp (included with Best of Mongrel Zine 1-3) Das Amore live at Wyrd III Festival May 25th 2011, Waldorf Vancouver. Recorded by Bob Scott. CPC Gangbangs "AGN (Drowned at Birth)" (Unreleased) Hell Shovel with Acid Baby Jesus "Ancient Shadows" (Vocal Mix) (Unreleased 2011) Jeff Clarke (with King Khan) "Using Women" (Moon Sessions 2011) Choyce & The Sharks "16 Chicks" (cdr KYB) Milky Ways "Lecherous Parasite" (Milky Ways s/t cd 2006) Oily Chi interview MZ #3 Cherie French "Painters" (Unreleased 2011) Bloodshot Bill "Don't Care Blues" (Unreleased 2011) Babes On the Beach "I Don't Wanna" (Demo 2010) Yung Mums "Shut It" (Demo 2011) Yung Mums "Cobra" (Demo 2011) The B-Sides "Sick and Tired" (Unreleased 2009) Pow Wows "2:35" (Spacemen 3 cover Unreleased 2010) Gary Pig Gold "Casper And The Cookie" (Dissecting Modern Science podcast 2011) KhanWood Clarke "Old Gunga Din" (Demo 2011) LZR "Orcra" (unreleased 2011) Blondwich "Just Let Go" (Demo 2011) Gerald X Jupitter Larson "Predetermined By Accident" (199??? Unreleased)

All songs used with permission.

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