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Flyers for 2007's London Zine Symposium

The London Zine Symposium was a long-running annual zine festival in London, United Kingdom. The symposium was dedicated to zines, comix, art and radical culture.

It was initially organised by folks from Last Hours zine, with the final few years the collective widening out to include other zinesters from Dead Trees and Dye distro and Ricochet! Ricochet! zine.

Running from 2005 to 2011 and growing in both stall holders and attendees over the years, it eventually found a home at The Rag Factory, in East London's Brick Lane neighbourhood.

Dates and locations

Programme from the 2011 London Zine Symposium

2005 - 16th April (at the Institute for Autonomy and various autonomous locations around the city)

2006 - 22nd April (at The Square Social Centre)

2007 - 21st April (The Horse Hospital)

2008 - 27th April (at The Rag Factory)

2009 - 3rd May (at The Rag Factory)

2010 - 29th May (at The Rag Factory)

2011 - 17th April (at The Rag Factory)