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Lisa Crystal Carver (also known as Lisa Suckdog) is a zine editor born in New Hampshire. During the 1990s she began publishing the zine Rollerderby. She also produced the one-shot Generation L, which documented her consciously retro philosophy of life.

Lisa Carver began performing with the group Psychodrama in the 1980s. At age 19 Lisa married the French performance artist Jean-Louis Costes and they began their own performance troupe. She then married the writer and musician Boyd Rice, with whom she had a son named Wolfgang. They have since divorced. During this time she toured with her cabaret/ performance art troupe Suckdog, performing productions she calls 'operas', made videos, and began publishing her zine Rollerderby. Some of the contributors to Rollerderby also performed with Suckdog and the zine focused on interviews and collaborations with her heroes and friends, including artists such as Costes, Dame Darcy, Vaginal Davis, Queen Itchie and others. In the 2000s, Lisa Carver began to include commentary on pop culture in the pages of Rollerderby. After Rollerderby became a crossover success, Carver was profiled in Utne Reader and later pursued a professional writing career.

Rollerderby: The Book compiles articles from the zine. Dancing Queen: a Lusty Look at the American Dream is a collection of autobiographical essays; the recent Drugs Are Nice documents the fallout from Carver's hedonistic lifestyle.

Carver has contributed to Nerve and numerous other mainstream publications. Recently, she toured alternative bookstores in support of Drugs Are Nice.




  • Rollerderby: The Book, Feral House, 1996
  • Dancing Queen: The Lusty Adventures of Lisa Crystal Carver, Henry Holt and Company, 1996
  • The Lisa Diaries: Four Years in the Sex Life of Lisa Carver and Company, Black Books, 2002
  • Drugs Are Nice: A Post-punk Memoir, Soft Skull Press, 2005


  • Drugs Are Nice: A Suckumentary 1988-2005, Nut Music, 2005

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