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Larrybob of San Francisco, California, U.S.A., is the editor of Holy Titclamps.

In DIY: The Rise Of Lo-Fi Culture, Larrybob talked to writer Amy Spencer about starting his zine; "I was in Minneapolis and in 1988 I found out about zines like Homocore and J.D.s. I'd been into punk rock, and I was out as gay, but didn't know many other people who shared both those interests. Those zines showed it could be done, but nobody else in my town was doing it." After a few issues had been published, he moved to California, where he continued to publish Holy Titclamps for a number of years. Among the notable zinesters who contributed to his zine were C. Bard Cole, Diane DiMassa. Robert Kirby and Donny Smith. Holy Titclamps was featured in the Factsheet Five Zine Reader.

During this time, his review section grew so large he eventually been publishing it as a newsletter companion to the zine, and then finally on its own, under the title Queer Zine Explosion, which contained reviews of hundreds of queer zines, recordings and books and served as a major connecting point for the Queercore movement.

Larrybob has contributed to zines such as Chainsaw. As well, he appeared in the film Queercore by Scott Treleaven, in which he explaining the importance of zines to the Queercore scene. He is also a musician and has performed with Vaginal Davis. From about 2005-2009 he performed with the band The Winsome Griffles. His book The International Homosexual Conspiracy was published by Manic D Press in 2010.

Most of the zines he collected editing Queer Zine Explosion and the queer zine section of Factsheet Five have been donated to the GLBT Historical Society of Northern California in San Francisco.