Koo Koo

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Koo Koo

Koo Koo is a one issue only zine by Lois, published in the 1990's.

Koo Koo is a small perzine, done in the cut and paste manner and photocopied. Along with collage and drawings, there are instructions on how to Butterfly Kiss, accompanied by a demonstration picture of Lois taken in a photo booth; a poem entitled The Dogs by Jean Smith; and a reproduction of a sticker saying "I'd Rather Be Queer Than An Asshole". The heart of the zine is an essay about women in music called "Let Your Freak Flag Fly" that was originally written in 1987 for Puncture magazine, who refused to publish it. This essay calls for a quiet revolution of women musicians, with practical suggestions like volunteering at your local community radio station, and not supporting labels and fanzines that cut down women making music. Lois says, "I'm sick of arrogant fanzine boys who think that if you can't take a joke, you deserve to be angry. I don't buy it. LITERALLY. You might not think of your check-book as a weapon, but it is a tool for change. Do whatever you can to make a difference".