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Johnny Noxzema is a zine editor, artist, and filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

His first zine , Bimbox, co-edited with Rex Boy, was first released in the late 1980's. Seven issues of this controversial queer zine appeared. It was not sold in stores but was available only by writing directly to the editors, who would then send it for free to the "deserving". The last issue of Bimbox was published solely by Noxzema. Concurrently, Noxzema also published SCAB.

In the 1990's, Johnny Noxzema and Rex Boy began collaborating with Caroline Azar, Jena von Brücker, and G.B. Jones on a publication called Double Bill. During this time they collectively contributed to Girl Germs. The five editors released three issues together, with von Brücker and Jones releasing two more issues at a later date.

Johnny Noxzema was a frequent contributor to other zines, either in the form of letters, as in Fuh Cole; or in appearances in interviews, as in Butt Ugly; or in photographs, as in Agony.

Most recently, Johnny Noxzema appeared in the 2008 feature film The Lollipop Generation by G.B. Jones, with fellow zine editors Jena von Brücker, Vaginal Davis, Jen Smith, Joel Gibb and Stevec Bones.




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