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Jigsaw was a zine started in 1989 by Tobi Vail of Olympia, WA. Vail mostly wrote about the punk and feminist scenes of the Pacific Northwest, both of which Vail had a hand in helping along via the pages of Jigsaw where in early issues - she helped promote bands such as Mecca Normal and Nirvana and called for more women to be involved in the punk scene. Vail may very well have been the first to coin the term "Riot Grrrl" within the very pages of Jigsaw, although in Jigsaw #5 (published in 1993), after both the Pacific Northwest music scene, Riot Grrrl, and her own band Bikini Kill became popular mainstream media fodder, she claimed she started the term as a joke not to be taken seriously. Her bandmate in Bikini Kill, Kathleen Hanna, was a frequent contributor to Jigsaw, particularly in issues #3 and #4. Other contributors include Donna Dresch of Chainsaw zine.

Vail seems to have recently restarted Jigsaw, although the most recent issue, Jigsaw #8, is only online at her website Bumpidee and is only in text form and is somewhat incomplete. Vail is also working on archiving all previous issues of Jigsaw online, including the unpublished Jigsaw #6.