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Sonsuz fanzin
Sonsuz fanzin
Heyt be! Fanzin
[[Heyt be! Fanzine]]
Evvel Fanzin
Evvel Fanzin

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Istanbul International Zine Fest is the first international zine festival in Turkey. The first festival is on May 2014. The festival is about produce several fanzines in cooperation with the fanzines from abroad, to communicate and share our experiences.


The event is going to be on 2,3,4 May.

May 2nd: Various workshops, movie screenings, exhibitions, stands in Kadikoy (Istanbul). Place: Don Quixote Squat (or preferably another squat depending on the date and the situation.)

May 3rd: Buyukada (Prince Islands, Istanbul) gigs by several bands, tent camp, stands.

May 4th: Buyukada - Kadikoy: On the way back, sharing the products of the festival, talks on forthcoming projects.


Sokak Edebiyatı

Solucan Fanzin

Klozet Fanzin

Alkolik Tavır

Sonsuz fanzin

Heyt be! Fanzine

Evvel Fanzin

Deva Çıkmazı Fanzin

Karpit Fanzin

Bohça Fanzin

TabuKıran Fanzin

Gergedan Fanzin

Etki Fanzin

Osman Fanzin

Alfabe Fanzin

Mesken Fanzin

Karnaval Fanzin

Banliyö. Fanzin


Boşluk Fanzin



Soğuk Gezegen Fanzin

Void Zine

Post Köpek

Etilen Sosyete

Ouest Fisting