International Zine Month 2018 Zine

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International Zine Month 2018 Zine, July 2018

International Zine Month 2018 Zine is a one-off zine written by Hadass S. Ben-Ari, published in July 2018, in Jerusalem, Israel. During the International Zine Month challenge, the author made a full-length zine by writing one page on every day of the month.

In this zine, the author attempts to return to her roots as a zinester, before she became a mother, and attempts to rediscover her love of her pre-motherhood hobbies such as making zines, writing, drawing, going to metal concerts, doing Tai Chi, and listening to death metal.

This zine is hand-made cut-n-paste, written by hand and on a manual typewriter, laid out with scissors, glue, paper, construction paper, flyers and magazines, and pen or pencil drawings. The zine is 32-pages long and quarter-page size (A6).


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