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Dr Ianto Ware is a zinester, writer and academic based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Ianto is currently Director of the South Australian Institute of Photocopied Arts and is one of the driving forces behind the Format Collective[1]. Format is an arts collective based in Adelaide, Australia, that puts on arts events in and around Adelaide such as the annual Format Festival (including the Academy of DIY, Adelaide Zine Fair & ST5K), the art show Big! , and the alternative text workshops called Big Words. We are now also running the Format Zine Shop in the centre of Adelaide city.

During 2007, Ianto co-directed the 2007 Newcastle Zine and Independent Press Fair.

Ianto is currently a Research Assistant[2] in the Hawke Research Institute, University of South Australia.



  • My name is not Susan (200?-): 'Games you might like to play: pretend you are an alien' and 'Rocking horse' in Issue 1; and 'Three Haikus about my trip to Burra' and '(more)' in Issue 2.
  • Sure6? #2 (April 2009): includes a short interview with Ianto, responding to 20 questions about zine culture. – “Questions include issues of anonymity, best zine advice, and startling personal revelations.”[3]

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