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* [http://www.frictionmagazine.com/imprint/zines/reviews_02.asp Friction Magazine Review] (scroll down)
* [http://www.frictionmagazine.com/imprint/zines/reviews_02.asp Friction Magazine Review] (scroll down)
[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:Louisiana Zines]] [[Category:Queer]] [[Category:Feminism]] [[Category:Split Zine]]
[[Category:Zine]] [[Category:Louisiana Zines]] [[Category:Queer]] [[Category:Feminism]] [[Category:Split Zine]][[Category:Perzine]]

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Issue #5 cover

I Hate This Part of Texas is a perzine by John Gerken of New Orleans, LA.

The title was a line of graffiti the author read at a rest stop in Oklahoma. The zine addresses queer and feminist issues through a number of personal anecdotes. Several issues have addressed Hurricaine Katrina, notably Issue #7, which was a split with Keep Loving Keep Fighting #7.

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