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I Don't Give a Fuck is a musical and cultural zine written in English and based in Spain. As for 2021, it became a music label too.


Issue #4 (Bookazine): (April 2021) In depth interviews and conversations, dealing with different subjects and contents without filter (drugs, suicide, politics, travels, spaces, mentalities, subversion, corrosion, humor, empowerment, concerns, sense of community, attitude and so on and so forth) with Changoz! (Paraguay), Damien de Coene (Charles Razeur, Dark Field Recordings), Manual de Combate (Chile), O Pazo dos Lobos (with the Spanish Collective Lumes do Norte, one of the many links with the Galician crust scene); Cargo train journeys in USA, México & Canada (with Argéniz from the mexicans Máquina Muerta).

Special report about Chilean revolts in 2019, with the collaboration of Julio Cortés Morales (lawyer specialized in human rights), with the articles: “The battle of Santiago. Memories from Monday 21st of October of 2019” & “Sexual violence and massive mutilation as repressive policy”. Music, books and zine reviews.

Imperecedero Discos will print copies in Chile for the Latin American distribution.

Issues #2 and #3: (October 2019): Interviews with: DooM (UK), Filth of Mankind (Pol), Hongo (Spa), Sete Star Sept (Jap), Ruido de Rabia (Spa), Martin Sorrondeguy (Los Crudos, Limp Wrist) and Hogre ("Subvertising"). Articles: "The Day I Broke my Hymen Again" & "Anti-Now". Music, books and zine reviews.

Issue #1: (October 2017): interviews with Agathocles (Bel) and Máquina Muerta (Mex); Nato-sponsored terrorism: Operation Gladio article and music reviews.

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