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House of Tracks (often abbreviated to HoT) is a UK based independent music fanzine created by editor David Apple.


The website first launched at midnight on New Years 2006. Content was displayed in the form of virtual Flash magazines and new ones were published monthly. Since its inception, HoT has included interviews with a wide range of bands and covered major UK music festivals including Bestival, Secret Garden Party and Glastonbury. It has never had more than three writers (including the editor) at any one time, and enjoys a laid back attitude to its reporting style, with a do-it-yourself ethic.

A year after the website was launched an internet forum was added.

At midnight on New Years 2009 the website re-launched with a new design. Interviews and reviews are now published continually, more like a blog. This new website also includes Twitter, Flickr and other RSS feeds.

In October 2009 David Apple announced that the website would cease on January 1st 2010, exactly four years to the day since the website launched. It was later announced on Twitter that House of Tracks would move to Blogspot.

On April 1st 2012 House of Tracks re-launched under a .tv URL suffix. The new look site contains all previous content.

In August 2015 House of Track moved back to it's original URL suffix and added a 4chan style imageboard. The ezine also added it's back catalog of podcasts to Youtube.

Print Zine

The free print version of the magazine was released on November 15, 2007. 10.000 copies were produced for launch. On November 25 2007, House of Tracks held a magazine launch party at The Luminaire in Kilburn, London. The launch party featured live performances from The Ripps, Tim Ten Yen and Clanky Robo Gob Jobs. After just two months production ceased due to lack of advertising sales.

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