Holier Than Thou

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Holier Than Thou #19 Cover by Richard Bergeron

Holier Than Thou was a fanzine edited by Marty and Robbie Cantor. It was nominated for a Hugo Award on several occasions.

Published in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A., 27 issues were released in the 1980s.

Contributors included Richard Bergeron (Warhoon) writing a column called "Fangdom"; John Berry (The Damned Patrol); Linda Blanchard; Terry Carr (Entropy), with the column "Entropy Reprints" featuring writing by Joe Kennedy (Vampire), Bjo Trimble (Melange) and others; Steve Dedman; Thom Digby; Adrienne Fein; Donald Franson; Mike Glyer writing a column called "The Pied Typer"; Steve Higgins; Lee Hoffman (Quandry); Dave Langford (Ansible); Eric Mayer, Warren Norwood; Darrell Schweitzer; Milt Stevens; Taral Wayne (DNQ); Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons); and Richard Weinstock.

Covers were by Richard Bergeron and Brad Foster, among others, and each artist incorporated the policy of Holier Than Thou to use Roman numerals for numbering.