Holden W. Attradies

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Holden W. Attradies is an ex-zinster who is no longer active within the community.

He wrote/published Late Night Cuddle Date, Finding That Field of Flowers in Alaska, and Paxzine among other shorter lived pieces and one offs between the late 90's and about 2009. For a time he also ran a small zine library in Anchorage, Alaska where he lived.

He left the zine community after outrage over the apparent sexist and offensive nature of his work and letters he had written to other zinsters. After the discussion of these issues on the We Make Zines forums he appeared to totally disappear from the zine community. All of his zine related e-mail addresses and web activity related to zines were deleted or taken down. The items that made up the zine library he ran were given to a friend who donated them to the Consortium library at the University of Anchorage, Alaska.