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Hannah D. Forman currently writes under Hannah Neurotica.

H.Neurotica has written zines for over a decade, hosted zine making workshops in different communities, and written/ worked to docuement zine culture through her show ZINECORE RADIO and print interviews with mostly female zine makers.

Hannah has edited and continued to make Ax Wound: Gender & The Horror Genre. Mission statement: ' “Ax Wound” is a derogatory term for a menstruating vagina. How perfect for a feminist horror zine title! It is my hope that “Ax Wound” will create a dialogue about gender in the horror/slasher/gore genre — a genre typically thought to reinforce patriarchal values. I want both the zine and the website to provide a safe, stimulating environment for feminists who struggle with their enjoyment of these films, and a place to explore what these films are about, and why we love them so much.''

On 5/2/2008 Hannah launched ZINECORE RADIO which aims to :" showcase/document the underground zine culture that surrounds me and serve as a platform for artists whom i admire to get attention for their work."

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