Hannah D. Forman

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Hannah D. Forman who now writes under the name Hannah Dina has been creating zines for over ten years. She is most known for the feminist horror zine Ax Wound: Gender & The Horror Genre. Which has been featured in Newsweek, Broken Pencil, and Rue Morgue. Hannah also writes personal zines. In the past she wrote Technicolor Polkadot but now she does Hearts & Butcher Knives. These zines all deal heavily with sexuality, drug addiction, and mental illness.

Hannah immerses herself in zine culture. She is the current art coordiantor and a regular zine reviewer for Zine World, she runs zine workshops with girls & women in her community, and she has been working on a book about zines for the past two years.



External Links

Ax Wound: www.axwoundzine.com