Gun Rubber

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Gun Rubber was an early British punk fanzine published out of Sheffield, England. Its first issue was published in February 1977 and it folded seven issues later in December 1977.

Gun Rubber debuted as a collection of hand-written sheets that were photocopied and stapled together and handed out free at Sheffield's Craisy Daisy nightclub. The zine was published by a group of friends, including Glenn Gregory, Bert Vinyl and Adi Newton, from their headquarters at 21 B Devonshire Lane. By the end of '77, the zine's publisher had become disillusioned with the punk scene and decided to stop publishing.

Some of the pages from Gun Rubber were later reproduced in the book "Beats Working For A Living" by Martin Lilleker. Glenn Gregory later went on to front the band Heaven 17 and Adi Newton has performed in a number of bands, including The Anti Group, Clock DVA, and The Future.


#5: Interviews with The Ramones, Rat Scabies from the Damned, and the storyline to the film Deep Throat

#6: Interviews with The Stranglers, The Saints and an early guide to "Who's Who in Sheffield"

#7: Featured Sheffield's local hero Paul Shaft, death of Marc Bolan, and attack on the rise of the National Front