Guide to Dating Gangsters vol. 1

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Guide to Dating Gangsters

Guide to Dating Gangsters vol. 1 is a zine released by Vice Versa Press in December 2011.

Vice Versa Press is an independently run, DIY publisher and printmaking entity.

Guide to Dating Gangsters Vol. 1 is a how-to zine featuring dating tips on courting male or female gangsters. This issue features tips on wooing traditional thugs, bikers, crust punks, art school kids, DJs, and skinheads.

The zine is an 18 page, xeroxed publication varying in color.

"Vice Versa offers up a stolen-chocolate-bar-and-a-six-pack style luv guide - not just to gangsters but to practically any subculture with an ounce of stamina in the badass department. Thugs, Bikers, Crusts, Skins - even Art School Kids and DJs make the cut somehow. That's amore -EF" (Quimby's Bookstore)

"...Just because you're a Chicano functioning in your own world and by a different set of values and rules doesn't make you a "gangster" unless you grew up with the movie "Blood In, Blood Out" as your frame of reference..." (Excerpt from the review by Tito Esposito on Three Chord Progression Zine Review)

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