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[[Category:How-To Zines]]
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Guide to Being Alone

Guide to Being Alone is a zine released by Vice Versa Press in October 2012 and written by Julia Arredondo.

Vice Versa Press is an independent printing and publishing entity.

Guide to Being Alone is a how-to zine exploring the basics of maintaining a positive attitude while possibly being on the outs about solitude.

Points covered in this zine include:

  • Dealing with being newly single
  • Realizing that your friends suck
  • Realizing that everyone sucks
  • Being at home alone
  • Being in public alone
  • Traveling alone


Guide to Being Alone is an 8.5" x 7" black and white zine with a color cover. The zine has been printed on demand for the past three years, and the degeneration of the original graphics can be observed with each printing. A soundtrack accompanies the zine which corresponds to each page topic.


"It doesn’t matter if you’re dabbling in alone time like me, going through a breakup, or looking for ways to improve your one-on-oneself time, Guide to Being Alone is rich in tips for making the most of the loner experience." (Jaybird Blog)

"The Guide to Being Alone is a quirky zine about living the solo life. It is 18-pages of awesome illustrations, collages and fabulous advice on enjoying your own company." (Nessbow.com)