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gremlin is the minicomic series created by Dan Morris (credited to d. morris).

It was named after the movie which Morris was obsessed with as a child though didn't see until his teens and for the single word titles that Fort Thunder artists would use for their mini-comics (the comics of which served as an inspiration for him). The first issue (issue 0) debuted at Heroes Con 2005 though it would take two years for issue 1 to see release in the spring of 2007. The series currently up to issue 3 after a 2 year hiatus. The series is noted for the radical changes in subject matter in every issue and Morris's haphazard art style.

Issues to date

  • gremlin issue 0 "The Autobio Issue"
  • gremlin issue 1 "Cast Adrift"
  • gremlin issue 2 "Vs."
  • gremlin issue 3 "Party Monsters"